Posted by: juugodreamteam | April 18, 2010

Juugo Business Opportunity

Whatever you have thought about MLM up until this point, just forget it. Good or bad, and whatever experiences or preconceived notions you’ve had, let it go. This will be short, sweet, and to the point, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have a much better idea about Juugo and how it will change your life.

We aren’t here to go on and on about your endless opportunities (even though that’s what you’ll get), because the basis of Juugo is a very simple concept:

You’ll make money. A lot of money.

A direct selling company owned by several experienced entrepreneurs, Juugo is based firmly on ethics and fair compensation plans; two things you won’t generally find with other companies. This is what sets Juugo apart…This is what you’ve been waiting for.

The basic concept is as follows. We partner with prestigious companies who offer the highest quality products and services at competitive prices. These products are bundled into the Juugo Distributor Kit, and then you, and our thousands of distributors from all over the world follow the traditional “buy one, sell two” method to make your way to what could be endless commission payouts. That’s it.

What you absolutely need to know is that once you buy one kit, you’re in. No monthly payments and no more purchases. You don’t even have to pay a membership fee once a year. When we say one purchase, we mean one purchase. That is the Juugo difference, and you won’t find that in most other MLM companies. The best part is, even if you stop working towards your next goal, you will still receive the commission payments you are entitled to.

While the bulk of the detailed information will be explained throughout the site,

here is a brief summary of the valuable products in the €299 kit:

• Towah Prepaid Phone Service •Discounted Car Reservations

• Towah™ Prepaid MasterCard® •Priority Pass™ Standard Membership

• Discounted Travel Reservations •Discounted Flights Reservations

Once you purchase the above kit, you begin to make money by starting on our Builder Board. At this point, you only need to sell two kits, and the team will help you with the rest; after which you will be paid €300 (essentially covering your initital kit purchase). From there, you move to the Super Board…and you stay permanently on the Super Board for the rest of your time with Juugo, which allows for larger, regular payouts of €4000.

Now, this isn’t capped at just one or two payouts…You’ll receive €4000 every time you cycle out the Super Board. Some people do this monthly, weekly, and even daily; no joke. While you only need to sell two more kits to cycle the Super Board, those who receive regular weekly payouts are those who work a little bit harder. So keep your eyes on the prize and don’t settle for just one cycle!

Plus, our impressive Juugo team will be there to support you every step of the way, giving you the resources necessary to achieve Juugo greatness. We will show you how social media can be your best friend in this process, utilizing Facebook and Twitter to acheive your desired wealth. You’ll also be taught and fed information through video tutorials, and will be given articles for you to post across the web to help spread the word.

In addition, the first time you cycle out of the Super Board you’ll activate your Residual Plan, paying you monthly commissions on new distributor kit sales. Well performing distributors will earn special incentives like iPhones and MacBooks for each level they hit; this is just another way for you to earn.

All of this culminates into reaching Diamond status, and unlike other companies, this elite level is attainable and rewards you the way you should be rewarded. The value of reaching Diamond cannot be measured monetarily, but to put it simply, you will be compensated beyond the limits of most other traditional direct selling companies out there.

So, with the many different ways to earn money, you won’t find any difficulty in quickly and easily reaping the many benefits Juugo has to offer. This is your opportunity to finally earn what you are worth…The best part is, you’ll be earning while working when you want, with a tremendous support system that is facilitating your every step towards the next payout.

This is your life, and Juugo is giving you the tools and resources to finally enjoy it.

Join The Juugo DreamTeam Today

Or Check out Our Website for more information


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